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11.01.2016 President Obama said in an interview for CNN that Ukraine...
  • my-disain.ru
Ukraine, US
11.01.2016 We did not make war, nor did we occupy anyone;...
  • President of Russia - English
Russia, Ukraine
11.01.2016 Crimea as part of Russia - director of Limes magazine...
  • limesonline.com
Russia, Ukraine
11.01.2016 President Petro Proshenko's chocolate company produces chocolates with pictures of...
  • geopolitical.ru
  • rusnext.ru
  • bit.ly
  • novorossia-novosti.com
  • donbass.ua
  • uapress.info
  • timer-odessa.net
Russia, Ukraine
11.01.2016 The hunt on migrants has begun in Europe
  • VK.com Resource
11.01.2016 2016 will be decisive for one of the parts of...
  • vz.ru
10.01.2016 Political establishment prosecutes PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachman for wearing a...
  • breitbart.com
10.01.2016 The events in Cologne were staged by members of secret...
  • orgo-net.blogspot.cz
  • svetkolemnas.info
10.01.2016 During the year 2015 the Syrian Arab Army fought against...
  • New World Order Opposition
Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Russia, US, Syria
10.01.2016 The dramatic events in Cologne are in the same row...
  • Dmitriy Kiselyev's "Vesti nedeli" - YouTube