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02.03.2021 Alexei Navalny is a xenophobe: he called to kill Chechens as cockroaches and for a Stalinist repression against Migrants
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01.03.2021 Russophobic Baltic NATO-States responsible for turning defensive NATO-alliance into confrontation with Russia
  • de.rt.com,
  • www.rt.com
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, US
01.03.2021 Ukraine does not exist, it is a Polish fake
  • antimaydan.info,
  • ukraina.ru
Ukraine, Poland
01.03.2021 Navalny case is an outrageous fraud and an anti-Russian campaign
  • snanews.de
Russia, EU, Germany
01.03.2021 Europe made up a strange story about Navalny being poisoned as pretext for sanctions
  • Sputnik Azerbaijan
Russia, Europe
28.02.2021 The West is using Navalny to access Russia's resources
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US, Russia
28.02.2021 After the coup on April 7, 2009, Moldova became a Western semi-colony
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  • enews.md,
  • pravdorub.md
Moldova, EU
28.02.2021 The Council of Europe is indifferent to discrimination of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine and the Baltic states
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  • radiosputnik.ria.ru
Ukraine, Baltic states
26.02.2021 West rejects uncomfortable questions about Navalny
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  • www.vesti.ru,
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  • nsn.fm,
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Russia, Germany, France
25.02.2021 The liquidation of the Centre of the Russian Culture and Language in Krakow is a manifestation of phobia and chauvinism similar to the inter-war discrimination of the Jews
  • pl.sputniknews.com
Russia, Poland