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01.03.2016 The USA do not pay attention to Ukraine, the United...
  • Vremya Pokazhet
  • 18:15
  • 19:10
Ukraine, US
01.03.2016 The humanitarian crisis in Syria has been created by the...
  • Vremya Pokazhet
  • 29:17
01.03.2016 The USA caused the collapse of the USSR, and now...
  • Vremya Pokazhet
  • 33:46
USSR, Russia, US
01.03.2016 Ukraine is not a sovereign country, it is governed by...
  • Petr Tolstoy's "Vremya Pokazhet"
Ukraine, US
01.03.2016 Ukraine appealed to Mongolia's parliament with demand to compensate the...
  • vesti.ru
  • utro.ru
  • rusvesna.su
Mongolia, Ukraine
01.03.2016 A Caliphate will be established in Kherson, Ukraine
  • novorus.info
01.03.2016 The American Embassy in Poland decided to use Polish nationalists...
Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, US, Poland
01.03.2016 Ukrainian mass media are covering up the issue of refugees,...
  • vesti.ru
01.03.2016 World War III is about to begin, 120 countries gather...
  • svetkolemnas.info
  • ceskoaktualne.cz
  • prvopodstata.com
  • C. Ervana - YouTube
29.02.2016 Ukrainians can make a nuclear bomb within six months
  • Vremya Pokazhet
  • 11:56