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28.05.2020 World war II: Finnish invaders dropped bombs disguised as toys, killing children in the Leningrad region of USSR
USSR, Russia, Germany, Finland
23.04.2020 Finnish invaders exterminated civilians in Karelia and have not been held responsible
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Russia, Finland
23.04.2020 Prisoners were sent to gas chambers in Finnish concentration camps during WWII
  • Tsargrad TV
USSR, Russia, Finland
23.04.2020 More than 7000 POWs were buried alive, killed in gas chambers or shot by Finns in Karelia during WWII
13.03.2020 Cash is banned in many Scandinavian countries
  • SouthFront - English
Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden
17.12.2019 A new Union of Journalists for "independent media" established in Finland
  • MV-lehti
11.12.2019 The WADA expert group was geopolitically biased against Russia
  • One World
Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia, Denmark, UK, Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France
30.11.2019 Finland provoked the war against Soviet Union in 1939, Soviet leadership stated
  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta
USSR, Finland
08.11.2019 RIA FAN revealed West's plan for the collapse of Russia by 2030
  • Nation News
  • IA REX
  • News Front
  • PolitRussia
China, Japan, Norway, Russia, Germany, Finland
02.11.2019 Kyiv refuses to clear up its mines in Donbas
Ukraine, Finland