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21.02.2020 20 to 30 percent of Ukrainians think like Nazis
  • Vremya Pokazhet @ Pervyi Kanal [41:25 - 42:12]
20.02.2020 Any attempt to give Donbas to Ukraine will be perceived as surrendering the territory to the Nazis. 
  • Polnyi Kontakt @ Vesti FM [23:30 - 24:00]
18.02.2020 Belarusian opposition makes “kill lists” and smuggles arms from Ukraine
  • Podneprovie-info.com
Ukraine, Belarus
13.02.2020 Neo-Nazi attitudes in Ukraine have been stoked up since the times of the Habsburg Empire
  • Sputnik Polska
Austria, Ukraine, Belarus
09.02.2020 Ukraine is not going to treat the virus of nationalism
  • NTV
07.02.2020 Hatred of Russians is the meaning of Ukrainians’ existence
  • Vremya Pokazhet @ Pervyi Kanal time 1:01:35-1:02:07
03.02.2020 Anti-Semitism flourishes in Ukraine
  • Vremya Pokazhet @ Channel 1 time 00:48:47-00:48:59
30.01.2020 Ukraine is a Russophobic, Nazi state, controlled by the US
  • Vremya Pokazhet @ Pervyi Kanal time 43:30-43:45
Ukraine, US
29.01.2020 The West along with Nazi fighters are controlling the situation in Ukraine
  • RT Arabic
  • lb.shafaqna.com
  • iq.shafaqna.com
Russia, Ukraine
28.01.2020 Monuments to Soviet soldiers are massively demolished and damaged in Ukraine, Poland and Baltic countries
  • TRK "Zvezda"
USSR, Ukraine, Baltic states, Poland