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Date Title Outlets Country
13.03.2020 US preparing a military invasion of Mexico
  • Sputnik Spain
Mexico, US
11.03.2020 Pro-Turkish Soros wants to appoint a president in Karabakh
  • politik.am
10.03.2020 The coronavirus represents the end of globalisation
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
  • Geopolitica.ru - Russian
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
02.03.2020 Moldova and Armenia are subjected to total aggression by the George Soros monster
  • flux.md
Armenia, Moldova
01.03.2020 The Soros network is a derivative of the CIA and the US State Department
  • Flux.md
  • MoldovaSuverana.md
Moldova, US
22.02.2020 George Soros infiltrated and controls the ECHR
  • News Front French
  • Sputnik English
22.02.2020 In tandem, Obama and Soros were provoking colour revolutions around the world
  • Strana.ua
Ukraine, US
20.02.2020 Soros network aims to legalise paedophilia in Romania
  • Flux.md
  • A-tv.md
  • Izborsk.md
Romania, Moldova
19.02.2020 Open Society Foundation is a sect
  • Izborsk.md
  • Flux.md
08.02.2020 George Soros will buy all banks and land in Ukraine
  • Izvestia. Glavnoe @ 5 channel (21:19)