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08.11.2019 Russo-Georgian war and Euromaidan protests were Western-backed Russophobic provocations
  • Oriental Review
Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
05.11.2019 The incident in the Kerch strait was a crime of the Ukrainian military
  • gazeta.ru
Russia, Ukraine
31.10.2019 NATO tries to achieve security through very aggressive actions
  • Sputnik Polska
26.10.2019 NATO justifies its actions with alleged Russian meddling in Ukraine
  • Sputnik Serbia - Latin
  • Radio Televizija Republike Srpske
  • Večernje novosti
  • dan.co.me
  • srbijadanas.com
Russia, Ukraine
21.10.2019 US very likely to deploy banned arms in Europe to provoke West-Russia tensions
  • Sputnik English
Russia, US
08.10.2019 NATO provokes Russia in the Black Sea region
  • Sputnik Germany
Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, US, Georgia
03.09.2019 The West has a genetic fear of Russia’s strengthening and thereby provokes one conflict after another
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
11.07.2019 Ukrainian sailors admitted their intention to provoke Russia in the Black Sea
  • RT Germany - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
10.07.2019 The West always dreams of splitting Russia
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
10.07.2019 Kerch incident was a provocation by Poroshenko before Ukrainian elections
Russia, Ukraine