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17.06.2016 Supporters of European integration sacrificed Jo Cox
  • novarepublika.cz
20.06.2016 The recent presidential elections in Austria were rigged
  • euportal.parlamentnilisty.cz
Austria, UK
24.06.2016 Brexit shows that 500 million Europeans said no to the United States of Europe
  • hidfo.ru
24.06.2016 Lessons from Brexit, the results of which were staged: The...
  • Nikolai Starikov - YouTube
Switzerland, China, UK, Russia
24.06.2016 Brexit might lead to the dissolution of the EU and...
  • presstv.ir
Iran, China, UK, Russia, US
25.06.2016 Brussels is planning to replace the UK by Turkey in the EU
  • vilaglato.info
Turkey, UK
25.06.2016 As a consequence of Brexit, the whole Eastern Europe will...
  • life.ru
26.06.2016 Not even the human sacrifice - the killing of MP...
  • Dmitriy Kiselyev's "Vesti nedeli" - YouTube
26.06.2016 On June 23, Anglo-Saxons decided not to become Anglo-sex for...
  • arnoxidi.com
Italy, Austria, Greece, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, Spain
27.06.2016 Britain will be a victim of colour revolution, the counter...
  • thesaker.is