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11.06.2020 George Soros occupies the Facebook moderation network in Eastern Europe
  • tvzvezda.ru
EU, Ukraine, Baltic states
10.06.2020 NATO military exercise BALTOPS is anti-Russian
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Russia, Baltic states
05.06.2020 One day Belarus will become part of Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries will follow
  • politnavigator.net
Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, Poland
30.04.2020 The European Union has become a real “meat grinder”, which “grinds” small countries
  • Tsargrad TV
EU, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltic states
28.04.2020 “Fake history” became a norm in the Western world
  • Sputnik Poland
EU, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Poland
27.04.2020 The EU is Hitler’s ‘New Europe’, its goal is to colonise Russia and Eurasian space
  • Teleskop
  • Podneprovie
  • Berestje News
EU, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Belarus, Germany
24.04.2020 The end of “Chimerica” prevented morbid fantasies of Russophobes
  • rubaltic.ru
  • Baltnews Lithuania
China, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, US, Germany
24.04.2020 Baltic states are turned into large military training ground
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Latvia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania
07.04.2020 Coronavirus gave the Baltic States a new excuse for Russophobia
  • vz.ru
Latvia, Russia, Baltic states
03.04.2020 The West forgot about the so called Russian threat and the Baltic states amid coronavirus
  • rubaltic.ru
Latvia, Russia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania