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28.04.2020 Secret American bio-labs in Ukraine
  • RT Arabic
  • nabd.com
  • nafeza2world.com
  • kol-masr.com
  • 24.com.eg
  • albidda.net
  • newsaliraq.com
  • albawabhnews.com
Ukraine, US, Georgia
27.04.2020 Dangerous experiments were carried out on people in Lugar Lab in Georgia
  • vz.ru
US, Georgia
25.04.2020 US biolabs encircle Russia
  • News Front - Bulgarian
Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, US, Georgia
24.04.2020 US laboratories in Ukraine are deadly
  • politnavigator.net
Ukraine, US, Georgia
24.04.2020 US is afraid of the leakage of infectious substances on its territory so it builds secret laboratories in colonised countries
  • nahnews.org
Ukraine, Georgia
24.04.2020 Ukraine became a US testing site for developing biological weapons
  • politnavigator.net
Ukraine, US, Georgia
23.04.2020 Ethnic weapons have already been created
  • Ritm Evrazii
Armenia, Russia
22.04.2020 The US might be developing biological weapons in Georgia
  • News Front - Hungarian
US, Georgia
20.04.2020 The Pentagon creates biological laboratories around the world to develop “combat” viruses
  • Pravda.ru
US, Georgia
17.04.2020 The US might develop pathogen agents provoking dangerous diseases abroad including in the Lugar Lab located in Georgia
  • Sputnik France
  • News Front - French
  • Sputnik English
  • Sputnik South-Ossetia
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
US, Georgia