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20.02.2019 Ukraine prohibits speaking against the EU and NATO
  • ukraina.ru
30.04.2020 The European Union has become a real "meat grinder", which "grinds" small countries
  • Tsargrad TV
EU, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltic states
22.08.2019 The EU is built on anti-European values, Russia is real Europe
  • Teleskop
Russia, France
09.02.2020 Western Balkans countries have a deficit of euroenthusiasm
  • Sputnik Srbija
North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia
25.10.2020 Three Seas Initiative is a pro-American, anti-Russian and Eurosceptic bloc of countries
  • Sputnik Poland
EU, Russia, US, Germany
04.04.2019 Poland will lose its economic power like Italy if it adopts euro
  • Sputnik Poland
Italy, Germany, Poland
04.04.2019 The EU operation structure resembles a Soviet collective farm -“a kolkhoz”
  • Sputnik Poland
USSR, Poland
24.06.2019 Donald Tusk implements the German vision of the European Union
  • Sputnik Polska
Germany, Poland
03.05.2020 Poland is not a sovereign state
  • Sputnik Poland
EU, Poland
02.04.2019 The adoption of the euro drastically harmed the Italian economy
  • Sputnik Poland