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18.11.2018 Migrants are being Islamized in Europe
  • kp.ru
17.11.2018 Merkel recognized the failure of the German migration policy
  • RIAFAN - Russian
06.11.2018 It was revealed how the migrants got UN debit cards, Soros also spent USD 500 million on them
  • Világfigyelő
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
05.11.2018 20 thousand armed migrants getting ready to break into the EU
  • Germania.one
  • Newinform
Croatia, Middle East
15.10.2018 US project to revive fascism in the EU
  • Website of the "Institute of High Communitarianism"
10.10.2018 Europe is dying: decay of moral and family values
  • Kramola
10.10.2018 Migrant raped a goat in Bulgaria
  • Sputnik News Russian
  • Newsbul
Bulgaria, Georgia
09.10.2018 Georgian Ministry of Education authorized Arabic language teaching in schools
  • myvideo.ge Resource
03.10.2018 Merkel plans to relocate 500,000 migrants to Georgia by the end of 2020
  • Mystar.ge
  • Facebook resource
Germany, Georgia
06.07.2018 Muslim refugees in Sweden destroy a statue of Christ
  • Facebook resource
Chile, Sweden