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29.01.2020 The White Helmets are preparing a false flag chemical attack in Syria
28.01.2020 White Helmets have arrived in Idlib province to conduct a false flag attack
  • Sputnik Italia
27.01.2020 White Helmets preparing new provocations to implicate Assad in chemical attacks
  • Sputnik News
  • RT Russian
  • RIA Novosti
  • Regnum
  • Fontanka
  • Riafan
  • Interfax
  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta
  • Sputnik France
  • RT Spanish
  • Fort-Russ News
Russia, Syria
27.01.2020 Syrian rebels and the White Helmets are preparing a chemical provocation in Syria
  • Sputnik Italia
11.01.2020 White Helmets used chemical weapons in Syria in order to accuse Assad government
  • Sputnik Italia
13.12.2019 Death of White Helmets founder convenient for the sponsors: truth will not come out
  • Sputnik Spain
  • Sign Of The Times Spanish
Russia, Syria
13.12.2019 Western intelligence may be behind the killing of the White Helmets’ founder
  • RT Arabic
  • youm7.com
  • shorouknews.com
  • Aldawla News
  • Cedar News
  • Eltarek
  • Sahafah Net
Russia, Syria
13.12.2019 White Helmets use a “humanitarian mask” as a cover for their criminal activities
  • shaamtimes
  • Arabi today
  • Sahafah 24
  • Syrian News App
  • Sputnik Arabic
UK, US, Syria
12.12.2019 White Helmets, terrorists plotting false-flag chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib
  • Sputnik English
  • RT Russia
  • Ria Novosti
  • tvzvezda.ru
Russia, Syria
12.12.2019 Terrorists and White Helmets prepare false flag chemical attacks in Idlib
  • Sputnik Italia