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05.07.2018 Amesbury poisoning: maybe terrorist organisations are testing a new type of weapon
  • Polnyy Kontakt @Vesti FM
  • 8:32
  • 22:10
UK, Russia
08.10.2018 Expulsion of GRU officers from the Netherlands is a staged performance and a provocation
  • Pravo Golosa @ TV Center
  • time 04:10
  • and 10:50
Russia, The Netherlands
10.08.2019 Russia’s involvement in Skripal poisoning has not been proven
  • REN TV
UK, Russia
18.02.2019 Skripal has long been cremated and is in the urn
  • RIA FAN Dni.ru Tsargrad TV News Front
UK, Russia
06.03.2018 Russian ex-spy may have overdosed
  • RIA Novosti
UK, Russia
05.07.2018 Deputy Interior Minister of Great Britain said that Russia is not involved in the incident in Amesbury
  • RIA Novosti
UK, Russia
18.10.2018 Russia is being accused without any evidence
  • RIA Novosti
UK, Russia, Ukraine
23.08.2018 Maybe Sergei Skripal is dead
  • Ria Novosti
  • Pervyi Kanal
UK, Russia
05.09.2018 The investigation of the Skripal case is an anti-Russian provocation
  • ria.ru
UK, Russia
04.12.2019 New "Skripal case" actively promoted in Germany
  • RIA.ru
  • RT Russian
  • Sputnik Ossetia
  • Narodnyy korrespondent
  • Novye izvestiya
Russia, Germany