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07.09.2018 D.C. and London are preparing another great war
  • ac24.cz
  • vlasteneckenoviny.cz
UK, US, Germany
07.09.2018 Nerve agent used in Salisbury was too toxic to be carried in a perfume bottle
  • TASS - English
UK, Russia
07.09.2018 UK doesn't have any evidence of what happened in Salisbury, it wants to start an anti-Russian hysteria
  • Tass
UK, Russia
07.09.2018 The Skripals "never came home"
  • News agency Tass
UK, Russia
12.09.2018 Neither the USSR nor the post-Soviet Russia has ever killed their opponents, so nobody can blame Moscow for poisoning the Skripals.
  • Petr Tolstoy's "Vremya Pokazhet" - YouTube
USSR, Russia
13.09.2018 Neither Alexander Petrov nor Ruslan Boshirov named by the UK as Novichok suspects can be regarded as GRU agents
  • RT English
UK, Russia
13.09.2018 Petrov and Boshirov went to Salisbury to see the Salisbury Cathedral
  • RT news network (of eight Russian TV channels sponsored by Kremlin) [in Russian: ‘Russia Today’ or ‘Rossiya segodnya’ / «Раша тудэй» или «Россия сегодня»] (TRANSCRIPT of the exclusive interview with Skripal case suspects Petrov & Boshirov made by RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan)
UK, Russia
13.09.2018 Bad weather did not let the Skripal case suspects enjoy the sightseeing in Salisbury
  • Russia Today (RT)
UK, Russia
13.09.2018 Russia has long been adapted and it's not sensitive to the Western sanctions
  • RT Russia
  • Rambler
20.09.2018 Russia was not allowed to meet Yulia Skripal
  • rus.rusemb.org.uk
UK, Russia