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23.02.2021 Former Swedish Prime Minister calls for military attacks against Russia RIAFAN - Russian Sweden, US, Russia
23.02.2021 London accuses Russia of crimes, without ever presenting evidence. Tsargrad TV UK, Russia
23.02.2021 Sweden is deploying peace-keeping forces in Poltava, Ukraine ryb.ru Sweden, Ukraine, Russia
22.02.2021 Sanctions are a childish reaction of the EU RT France - YouTube, RT France - YouTube, RT France - Facebook, RT France - Twitter EU, Russia
22.02.2021 Latvia is the villain of a hybrid war against Russia and the Russians One World Russia, Latvia
22.02.2021 An anti-constitutional coup takes place in Ukraine News Front - Russian Ukraine
21.02.2021 ECHR demand that Russia release Navalny is politically motivated Rossia 24 - YouTube EU, Russia
21.02.2021 The West tries to complicate the process of the Russian vaccine entering the international market Sputnik Armenia - Russian EU, Russia
21.02.2021 People of the Baltic states will become foot soldiers and cannon fodder of NATO Sputnik Lithuania Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Latvia
20.02.2021 Latvia provoking a confrontation with Moscow to get economic support from the West Ria Novosti, Sputnik Latvia - Russian, Sputnik Lithuania - Russian Russia, Latvia
20.02.2021 The West became involved in the pre-election events in Belarus and Moldova mejdurecie.md Moldova, Belarus
20.02.2021 Terrorists plan false flag chemical attacks in Syria TASS - Russian, SouthFront - English, Tsargrad TV Syria, Russia
20.02.2021 There was a coup by nationalist extremists and fascists in Ukraine sponsored by US RT Germany EU, US, Ukraine
20.02.2021 The establishment of a external control by the West was the real goal of the 2014 revolution in Ukraine News Front - German Ukraine
19.02.2021 The West fabricated Navalny poisoning story to maintain myth of Russian aggression Pervyi Kanal - YouTube Europe, EU, UK, Russia
19.02.2021 EU officials are guided by their own corporate interests, coupled with persistent wishes from Washington Sputnik Armenia - Russian Russia
19.02.2021 The East StratCom Task Force was established because of the increasing credibility of the Russian media in the West Sputnik Poland EU, Poland, US, Russia
19.02.2021 The West invented Navalny’s poisoning to uphold the myth of an aggressive Russia Sputnik Spain EU, US, Russia
19.02.2021 The decision of ECHR’s judges, who are politically appointed, doesn’t have any value RT Arabic , RT Arabic - YouTube Europe, France, Russia
19.02.2021 Not a single member of the Russian opposition was effectively and consistently poisoned RT Germany - YouTube Russia