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05.09.2020 Navalny and Nord Stream 2: The Americans are recouping their long-term investment in Alexei
  • asd.news
UK, Russia, US, Germany
05.09.2020 The case of Navalny is just a pretext for the West to enforce Russophobia
  • Sputnik Germany
EU, Russia, US, Germany
05.09.2020 Navalny case is a special operation used to put pressure on Putin
  • Radio Sputnik RIA
Russia, US, Germany
05.09.2020 Germany provided no evidence for the hypothesis that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok
  • RT Arabic
  • akhbarak.net
  • watira.com
  • ru4arab.ru
  • rtarab.com
  • Khabar Masr
  • kachaf.com
  • New Hub
  • alaan.org
  • newsformy.com
  • shamra
  • kol-masr.com
  • lomazoma.com
  • eltakrer.com
  • algerie9.com
  • Sahafaty
  • dowwar.com
  • alderaah-news.net
Russia, Germany
06.09.2020 Navalny was not poisoned with Novichok
  • Sputnik Greece
Russia, Germany
06.09.2020 Alexei Navalny was not poisoned, he suffered from a metabolic disorder
  • Sputnik Czech
Russia, Germany
06.09.2020 No evidence Navalny was poisoned; Washington and Brussels want sanctions
  • oroszhirek.hu
Russia, US, Germany
07.09.2020 Navalny was not poisoned by novichok and Russian secret services are not involved
  • News Front - French
  • News Front - English
  • InfoRuss
  • News Front - Serbian
  • News Front - German
  • News Front - Spanish
  • Zhurnalistskaya pravda
07.09.2020 Navalny's poisoning story is a manifestation of the internal political struggle in Germany
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
07.09.2020 Alexei Navalny, originally an anti-Russian project, was poisoned by his sponsors
  • asd.news