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10.04.2020 EU demonises Russia, attributing all its problems to it
  • ukraina.ru
EU, Russia
19.03.2019 EU countries fence themselves off from Russia, with a wall of fascism
  • nahnews.org
Russia, Ukraine
28.04.2020 EU cites zero facts about Russia’s alleged disinformation on coronavirus
  • Sputnik English
EU, Russia
14.11.2016 Ethnic Russians in Ukraine are under a dictatorial regime
  • NTV - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
31.12.2019 Estonian regime is publicly persecuting its citizens
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • mbs.news
  • emeknes.com
  • masr20.com
  • saadaonline.net
  • abudhabi-news.com
  • elbayan-news.com
  • sabq-sa.com
  • albidda.net
  • uk-arabicnews.com
  • news.miralnews.com
  • news.akhbarten.com
Russia, Ukraine, Estonia
22.01.2019 Estonian Politicians have turned their country into a small and angry Anti-Russian project that tastes like Baltic herring deep-fried in lard
  • Sputnik Estonia
27.11.2019 Estonia oppresses Russian media as part of the new global wave of Anti-Russian sanctions
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
  • Sputnik Latvia - Russian
  • Sputnik Estonia - Russian
  • Sputnik Georgia - Russian
  • Sputnik Moldova - Russian
Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania
12.12.2019 EP resolution on Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is a manifestation of Western Anti-Russian activities
  • Sputnik Poland
Russia, Ukraine, Poland
08.03.2020 Empty chairs for MH17 victims outside Russia’s Hague Embassy: It’s a fake
Russia, The Netherlands
09.10.2019 Elite and media driven anti-Russia campaign in Poland encourages the purchase of Western weapons
  • Sputnik Poland
Russia, Poland