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09.12.2020 Biden will oust Zelensky and put a more pro-Western president in power
  • News Front - Hungarian
Ukraine, US
13.11.2020 Biden will cause problems for Russia in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and the South Caucasus
  • Sputnik Poland
Libya, Russia, Ukraine, US, Syria
12.06.2020 Biased, politicised MH17 investigation ignores Moscow-supplied radar data
  • Sputnik English
Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
06.03.2020 Biased JIT ignores massive data supplied by Russia
  • Sputnik English
Russia, The Netherlands
04.07.2020 Biased JIT excluded Russia from MH17 investigation and refused its assistance
  • RT English
Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
01.10.2020 Berlin sets a course of containment towards Russia
  • Sputnik Germany
  • Sputnik Germany
Russia, Germany
22.12.2019 Bellingcat: An American propaganda machine
  • RT Arabic - YouTube
  • RT Arabic
17.01.2021 Bellingcat is a western weapon against Russia 
  • abrag.akwadon.com
  • albousla.ps
  • alshbaka.net
  • RT Arabic
  • el-3rb.com
  • essahra.net
  • Head Topics
  • kol-masr.com
  • l0n.news
  • libyajeel.com
  • newsformy.com
UK, Russia, US
14.12.2020 Bellingcat investigation of Navalny poisoning is embarrassing Anti-Russian agitation in its purest form
  • Sputnik Germany
09.03.2020 Belgium, just like Malaysia, believes the MH17 trial is politically biased against Russia
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belgium