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19.07.2020 All this time the authorities of Great Britain were lying about deaths from COVID-19
  • Tsargrad TV
30.10.2020 Germany removes baby Jesus from Christmas markets
  • topcor.ru
Ireland, Denmark, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France
27.06.2016 Britain will be a victim of colour revolution, the counter…
  • thesaker.is
17.08.2019 Britain and US are organising the protests in Hong Kong
  • Strategic Culture Foundation
China, UK, US
30.06.2016 EU confirms fascist tendencies
  • stop-multikulti.cz
19.06.2020 The pre-war Polish leadership bears all the blame for the tragedy of this country during WWII
  • Sputnik Poland
Russia, Germany, Poland
22.02.2019 Radical Islam in Kosovo and the Balkans exploited by the US and UK to weaken Russia
  • Sputnik Italia
North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Greece, Kosovo, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, UK, Russia, US, Syria, Saudi Arabia
16.07.2020 There is no evidence that Russia tried to influence electoral processes in Great Britain
  • Sputnik Italia
UK, Russia
22.01.2019 The British government has not provided any proof in the Skripal case
  • Sputnik Italia
UK, Russia
04.07.2020 Western countries deliberately rewrite the history of World War II
  • Sputnik Germany
EU, Russia, US