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09.12.2019 Britain Rules Ukraine Guilty in case of Yanukovych Debt
  • RT Russia
15.02.2019 BBC admits that reason for bombing Syria was fake
  • RT Russia
  • politonline.ru
  • lenta.ru
  • vesti.ru
  • Tsargrad TV
  • TASS - Russian
30.05.2020 The West relied on the Malthusian theory during coronavirus
  • RT Online - Facebook
02.02.2021 Foreign diplomats interfere in internal affairs of Russia
  • RT Germany
Austria, Bulgaria, UK, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, US, Poland
08.06.2020 No convincing evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement in Skripal attack
  • RT Germany (old)
UK, Russia
31.05.2020 GDP of European countries like Great Britain, France or Italy is much lower than the Russian one
  • RT France - YouTube
Canada, Italy, UK, Russia, France
06.11.2019 It is rather nice for a journalist to work in Russia, unlike in Europe
  • RT France - YouTube
UK, Russia, France
14.01.2019 A concerted campaign against Russia and Russian people in the US and UK
  • RT English
UK, Russia, US
30.01.2019 Britan is under the thumb of the United States
  • RT English
26.11.2019 The US and UK interfere in Europe’s affairs and try to destabilise it
  • RT Arabic