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17.02.2021 London-based headquarters organise Colour revolutions in Belarus, Myanmar, Russia, and the US
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Myanmar/Burma, UK, US, Belarus, Russia
16.02.2021 Navalny is a NATO agent, provoking a Colour revolution in Russia
  • One World
15.02.2021 Belarus and Russia withstood attempts of a soft coup d'état
  • Tsargrad TV
Belarus, Russia
12.02.2021 The US targets Russian sovereignty through Navalny and European puppets
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Poland, Germany, US, Belarus, Baltic states, Russia
12.02.2021 EU is always craving for conflicts and wars
  • RT Arabic - YouTube,
  • RT Arabic
EU, Libya, Iraq, Poland, Syria, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia
08.02.2021 Americans and Europeans are orchestrating protests around the world
  • RT Arabic - YouTube,
  • RT Arabic
China, EU, Hong Kong, US, Russia
06.02.2021 The call of Navalny’s NGO for US sanctions on Russians proves that it is a foreign agent
  • Sputnik Spain
US, Russia
03.02.2021 Russophobic Poland, controlled by Anglo-Saxons, plans to occupy Belarus
  • Teleskop
UK, Poland, US, Belarus, Russia
02.02.2021 Ukraine is West's bridgehead to export a Colour revolution to Belarus
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian,
  • Imhoclub
EU, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia
29.01.2021 Americans and Europeans sent Navalny back to Russia to divert attention
  • alshbaka.net,
  • RT Arabic ,
  • Arabnews 24,
  • el-3rb.com,
  • elbayan-news.com,
  • essahra.net,
  • gerasanews.com,
  • Head Topics,
  • kachaf.com,
  • kol-masr.com,
  • newsformy.com,
  • Sahafaty,
  • sns.sy,
  • Syria friends
US, Russia