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24.08.2020 Warsaw and Vilnius trying to turn the Belarusian protests into a civic conflict
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
23.08.2020 Protests in Belarus are coordinated by Western countries and the opposition wants bloodshed
  • Sputnik Czech
  • Sputnik Czech
Russia, Belarus
21.08.2020 Soros Foundation took an active part in Rose, Orange and Velvet revolutions
  • Livenews.am
Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
20.08.2020 Belarus means "White Russia" and White Russians identify themselves as culturally Russian
  • strategic-culture.org
Ukraine, Belarus
19.08.2020 US spent $5 billion on the Ukrainian Maidan in 2014
  • Pervyi kanal
Ukraine, US
19.08.2020 Interference in Belarus follows a similar model to the one used in Venezuela
  • Sputnik Spain
Venezuela, Belarus
18.08.2020 Despite support of Western curators, the Belarusian Maidan stalled, just like Hitler after Smolensk
  • ukraina.ru
Ukraine, Belarus, Germany
18.08.2020 The West wants to turn Belarus into a country of chaos
  • Solovyov Live - YouTube
  • politnavigator.net
EU, Belarus, US, Poland
18.08.2020 Poland presented a plan of active interference in the domestic affairs of Belarus
  • Sputnik Poland
Belarus, US, Poland
17.08.2020 The West is preparing a Colour revolution in Belarus
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian