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30.01.2019 Ukraine plans to destabilise Belarus through its TV channel
  • rubaltic.ru
  • Teleskop
Ukraine, Belarus
31.01.2019 West plans a Ukrainian scenario in Belarus
  • Sonar2050
Ukraine, Belarus
01.02.2019 EU prepares Maidan in Belarus
  • life.ru
  • Teleskop
03.02.2019 EU funding aim to create a Maidan-like crisis in Belarus
  • Vitbich
06.02.2019 US and NATO see Belarus only as part of an anti-Russia bastion
  • fondsk.ru
  • Together with Russia
Venezuela, Ukraine, Belarus
06.02.2019 A dying EU promotes an anti-Russian, anti-democratic agenda
  • Together with Russia
  • Teleskop
  • Imhoclub
Russia, Belarus
13.02.2019 The US is spending a lot of money to instigate a Colour revolution in Russia
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Russia, US
15.02.2019 The US and EU countries will organise a Moldovan “Maidan” in order to remove the President
  • Sputnik Germany
Moldova, Ukraine, US
16.02.2019 Putin’s talks with Lukashenka have caused a hysterical reaction of the West
  • regnum.ru
20.02.2019 Russian takeover of Crimea prevented Polish coup d’état in Belarus
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, US, Poland