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29.04.2019 Ukraine is occupied by the US, Zelensky is a protégé of the US
  • Voennoe Obozrenie (Topwar.ru)
Russia, Ukraine, US
09.01.2020 Falling Boeing airplanes: A US Secret Weapon
  • Voennoe Obozrenie
01.07.2017 The US has turned Germany into a military training area
  • Voennaya taina s Igorem Prokopenko @ REN TV (16:07)
US, Germany
13.02.2020 Pentagon's biolabs in Armenia are a threat to the existence of the nation
  • Voenna-Politicheskaya Analitika
Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, US, Georgia
09.01.2020 The US plans to turn the Baltic states into an empty field and arena for Drang nach Osten against Russia
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
  • Rossbelsoyuz.su
Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, US
05.07.2019 The EU is an oligarchic entity which aims to keep post-Soviet space disintegrated
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
05.07.2019 The West wants to turn Belarus into anti-Russian outpost
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Russia, Belarus
17.09.2019 G7 countries are either insignificant or not fully sovereign
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Canada, Italy, UK, Russia, US, Germany, France
14.10.2019 Three types of Russophobia are turning Belarus into anti-Belarus and anti-Russian state
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Russia, Belarus, US, Poland
09.11.2019 Hitler's Nazi officials are not less Belarusian heroes than Kalinowski
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Belarus, Poland