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13.10.2019 EU imposes sanctions on Russia due to US pressure
  • Vesti Nedeli @Rossiya 1 (00:13:20 - 00:13:27)
Russia, US
11.03.2018 UK poisoned the Russian ex-spy Skripal to stage a boycott of the coming World Cup in Russia
  • Vesti Nedeli @Rossiya 1
UK, Russia
20.01.2019 America is Taking Hostages in Order to Influence Russian politics
  • Vesti Nedeli @ Rossya 1 (5:20 - 6:20)
12.01.2020 Poland is the second country responsible for starting WWII
  • Vesti Nedeli @ Rossiya 1 (48:35-49:05)
22.11.2019 Soros' offices and George Soros himself are known around the world as tools of civil revolutions
  • Verelq.am
Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia
24.01.2020 Istanbul convention will drive Armenia on the brink of civil war
  • Verelq.am
Armenia, The Netherlands
20.05.2020 The main source of the coronavirus spread was an American laboratory in Armenia
  • Verelq.am
Armenia, US
20.09.2016 The US is drowning in Russophobia
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @ Rossia 1 (time: 1:19:39)
Russia, US
19.06.2017 The West has designed a strategic plan with the aim...
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovievym (40:49)
Russia, US
05.10.2018 West's "espionage Conspiracy" failed
  • Utro.ru
Russia, US