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11.02.2019 West is manipulating young Belarusians
  • Svobodnaya Pressa
Russia, Belarus, US
07.11.2019 West has intensified its attempts to shake the situation in the CIS
  • RIA Novosti
09.04.2019 West attacks the institution of family in Slavic countries, aims at Russian resources
  • Sputnik Belarus
  • [00:30 - 01:10]
  • [04:10 - 04:40]
  • [05:30 - 06:40]
UK, Russia, Belarus, US
25.03.2019 West aims to destroy historic conscience of Belarusian society
  • Sputnik Belarus
Russia, Belarus
05.08.2020 Washington, London, Brussels will create an anti-Chinese coalition in order to break China
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
EU, China, UK, US
04.07.2019 Washington uses religious sects for destructive purposes
  • New Eastern Outlook
12.11.2019 Washington stages coups attempts against leftist leaders of Latin America
  • South Front
Bolivia, Venezuela, US
12.11.2019 Washington needed "fire in Central Europe"
  • Sputnik Arabic
Russia, Ukraine, US
28.01.2019 Washington is preparing a Venezuelan scenario for Hungary
  • Radio Sputnik RIA Novosti News Agency
Hungary, US
23.09.2019 Washington is playing the "religion card" against societies, not yet under its control
  • New Eastern Outlook
US, Georgia