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17.02.2021 London-based headquarters organise colour revolutions in Belarus, Myanmar, Russia, and the US Sputnik Belarus - Russian Myanmar/Burma, UK, US, Belarus, Russia
17.02.2021 Wind and solar power are useless, Texas an example abrag.akwadon.com, addustour.com, akhbarak.net, akher.news, almarsad.co, alshbaka.net, RT Arabic , elbayan-news.com, elbayan-news.com, eshraag.com, essahra.net, essahra.net, Klyoum.com, kol-masr.com, libyanews.co, msader-ye.net, nafeza2world.com, paltimeps.ps, rawfednews.com, ruarab.top, shamra Europe, US
16.02.2021 The Western Navalny project to destabilise Russia has failed RT Arabic , dowwar.com, New Hub Russia
16.02.2021 Navalny is a NATO agent, provoking a colour revolution in Russia One World Russia
15.02.2021 The Biden Administration wants to provoke a war against China, Russia and Iran Geopolitica.ru - Italian China, Iran, US, Russia
15.02.2021 Soros funded activities are part of the collective West hybrid war against post-Soviet countries Sputnik Armenia - Russian Armenia
14.02.2021 The commotion around Navalny is a scheme to hide Khodorkovsky’s plans Tsargrad TV Russia
12.02.2021 The EU has pushed the relations with Russia to a dead-end and is now facing unfortunate consequences Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Sputnik Latvia - Russian, Sputnik Lithuania, EVO-RUS, Ria Novosti, Sputnik Uzbekistan - Russian, Sputnik Armenia - Russian, Newinform, RIAFAN - Russian, Politros.com, Sputnik Georgia - Russian EU, Germany, US, Russia
08.02.2021 Europeans are victims of a series of Anglo-Saxon provocations against Putin and Russia Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Ria Novosti, Sputnik Lithuania - Russian EU, UK, Germany, US, Ukraine, Russia
08.02.2021 The US is going through a serious catastrophe, its goal is not to disintegrate Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Ria Novosti, Sputnik Uzbekistan - Russian US
08.02.2021 US political war is making people doubt vaccines RT Arabic - YouTube, RT Arabic China, US, Russia
08.02.2021 The only "evidence" of novichok comes from German and Swedish military facilities Strategic Culture Foundation Sweden, Germany, Russia
08.02.2021 Josep Borrell doesn't have a freedom to choose an independent political course TASS - Russian, RT Russia, SouthFront - English EU, Russia
08.02.2021 Medical technology to infect people with Covid-19 virus was developed 5 years ago Livenews.am Armenia
06.02.2021 Ukrainian and American ruling elites learn authoritarian practices from each other Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Ria Novosti, Sputnik Latvia - Russian, Sputnik Uzbekistan - Russian US, Ukraine, Russia
06.02.2021 The West treats the Baltic States as a foothold for anti-Russian war Sputnik Belarus - Russian Denmark, Germany, US, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Latvia
05.02.2021 Alexei Navalny is a agent of British-US Special Services Livenews.am UK, US, Russia
03.02.2021 Russophobic Poland, controlled by Anglo-Saxons, plans to occupy Belarus Teleskop UK, Poland, US, Belarus, Russia
03.02.2021 The EU is trying hard to please their AngloZionist masters thesaker.is EU, Russia
03.02.2021 The post-1989 Poland functioned thanks to the sale of property built by Communist authorities Sputnik Poland Poland