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20.01.2020 Soros network directly involved in the presidential elections and the government crisis in Romania
  • Flux.md
Romania, Moldova
20.01.2020 Fight with climate change, Istanbul Convention and falsification of WWII history are used to consolidate the societies
  • Sputnik Polska
19.01.2020 NATO will be using Ukrainians in military conflicts around the world
  • REN TV
  • Politonline
  • Zvezda
16.01.2020 The EU intentionally destroyed economies of the Baltic states
  • Sonar2050
Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
16.01.2020 Foreign espionage could be to blame for Iran downing flight PS752
  • Sputnik web Arabic
  • jpnews-sy
  • abudhabi-news
  • elbayan-news
  • emeknes
  • saadaonline
  • bbcnews1
  • masr20
  • albidda
  • akhbarten
  • news-araby
  • sabq-sa
  • newsaliraq
  • i2arabic
  • miralnews
  • arabyoum
  • alalamtv
  • adentimes
Iran, Ukraine
15.01.2020 Deep State sponsors Montenegro in the seizure of the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church
  • Sputnik Srbija
  • IN4S
Montenegro, Serbia, US
14.01.2020 PS752: Iranian elites attempt to betray Iraq, Syria, Palestine and their own people
  • Fort-Russ News
14.01.2020 PS752: By admitting its guilt, Iran defused a US/NATO/MOSSAD false-flag operation
  • Fort-Russ News
14.01.2020 Trump administration's assassination of General Soleimani will trigger civil war in the United States
  • Geopolitica.ru
14.01.2020 The warm winter is a result of a climate weapon attack from the USA
  • RIA Novosti
  • Regnum.ru
  • Vesti.ru
  • Svobodnaya Pressa