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06.09.2016 Because there was a referendum in Crimea, we cannot talk about annexation
  • vilaglato.info
09.10.2019 Blocking Crimea, the new NATO/US strategy in the Black Sea
  • Sputnik Spain
Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine
24.10.2019 Bloodshed loomed in Crimea, but Russia didn’t allow it.
  • Vremya pokazhet @ Pervyi kanal time 43:10 - 43:20
Russia, Ukraine
11.12.2015 Britain and Russia must set aside differences to confront common…
  • rbth.com
UK, Russia, Ukraine
11.06.2016 British football fans provoked Russia’s supporters
  • Argumenty i Fakty
UK, Russia, Ukraine
20.06.2019 British MP tells Ukraine to forget about Crimea
  • NewsFront Spanish
UK, Russia, Ukraine
23.09.2016 Brussels has double standards since the situation with Crimea
  • vasevec.parlamentnilisty.cz
Kosovo, Ukraine
06.06.2016 Brussels wants to lift anti-Russian sanctions
  • Sputnik English
Russia, Ukraine
27.11.2018 Bundestag delegation to visit Crimea
  • Ria Novosti
Ukraine, Germany
26.12.2020 By not providing water to Crimea, Ukraine shows inhuman behaviour and its hatred towards Crimea
  • RT Germany