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12.12.2019 Zionist money already corrupting the 2020 elections
  • Russia-insider.com
25.04.2019 White Helmets admit staging chemical attacks in Syria
  • Sputnik English
21.11.2019 Western-sponsored colour revolutions prevent governments from nationalising their own resources
  • Sputnik Italia
10.06.2019 Western ruling elites impose the legalisation of same-sex marriages and hormone therapy of children
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Russia, US
30.08.2016 Western democracies keep trying to defile Russia
  • parlamentnilisty.cz
12.09.2018 US Special Services are behind the Constantinople Patriarchate
  • The Georgia and the World
  • page 3
Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
10.09.2019 US is behind Hong Kong protests
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook
Hong Kong, US
03.11.2020 US has only two parties running for president
  • Alalam TV
  • alarabi.press
  • albaosala.net
  • albaosala.net
  • alnahdanews.com
  • alyemennews.com
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • ar.shafaqna.com
  • lomazoma.com
  • sadadahie.com
  • sana.sy
  • tabnak.ir
28.10.2020 US embassy demands Ukraine adopts a law introducing censorship
  • ukraina.ru
Ukraine, US
08.12.2020 US election result was rigged by mail voting
  • Sputnik Greece