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20.06.2017 The Czech public TV and radio are massively influenced by the Brussels...
  • Sputnik Czech
Czech Republic, Russia
31.03.2020 Totalitarian countries are more effective at fighting coronavirus
  • RT Arabic
  • Shafaqna
  • Khabar Masr
  • Khabar Alyoum
  • RT Arab
  • Head Topics
  • Sahafaty 24
EU, China
09.11.2016 Trump’s victory gives Ukraine a chance to establish Democracy
  • Voskresnyi vecher s Vladimirom Solovyevym - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
07.05.2020 UFO’s, blaming China and the incursion in Venezuela are all US ruses to divert attention away from the coronavirus crisis
  • News Front - Spanish
Venezuela, China, US
21.10.2019 UK will stay in EU, just as the British Elites and the EU decided, three years ago
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook
04.12.2016 Ukraine is governed by a totalitarian gang of bandits
  • Voskresnyi vecher s Vladimirom Solovyevym - YouTube
22.02.2019 Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe
  • Der Fehlende Part - YouTube
13.09.2016 Ukrainian authorities have set up a dictatorial regime
  • Vremya pokazhet @ Pervyi Kanal (32:53)
22.05.2019 Unlike Russia, the West degrades traditional values and endangers societies
  • Sputnik Abkhazia - Russian
22.09.2020 US Democrats aim to promote colour revolutions abroad and to establish a world government
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
  • Geopolitica.ru - Polish