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23.02.2021 Former Swedish Prime Minister calls for military attacks against Russia
  • RIAFAN - Russian
Sweden, US, Russia
17.02.2021 ECHR demands to release Navalny is an attack on International law
  • Tsargrad TV
Europe, Russia
17.02.2021 Finland is attempting to destabilise Russia
  • RIAFAN - Russian,
  • mv-lehti.net
Finland, Russia
17.02.2021 EU has been consistently and deliberately breaking relations with Russia
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
EU, Russia
16.02.2021 Breaking the diplomatic ties is the last step before a shooting war
  • nation-news.ru
Europe, EU, US, Russia
15.02.2021 The EU has itself destroyed relations with Russia
  • Sputnik South-Ossetia
EU, Russia
15.02.2021 A real humiliation for the EU occurred in 2014, when a coup took place in Ukraine
  • snanews.de
EU, Ukraine, Russia
15.02.2021 EU diplomats who participated in the actions knew that they were interfering in Russian affairs
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
15.02.2021 EU is systematically destroying the ties with Russia
  • TASS - Russian
EU, Russia
12.02.2021 European diplomats were expelled because they participed in illegal rallies
  • Sputnik Georgia
Poland, Sweden, Germany, Russia