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02.10.2020 Ukraine may use the war in Nagorno-Karabakh as a prerequisite for new hostilities in Donbas
  • asd.news
EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, US
30.09.2020 The MH17 case is being dragged out due to new facts proving Moscow’s innocence
  • ytro.ru
Russia, The Netherlands
24.09.2020 Ukraine will present another propaganda film about Donbas at the Oscars
  • novorosinform.org
23.09.2020 Navalny was not poisoned before the plane landed in Omsk according to a French journalist
  • News Front - French
  • Donbass Insider
  • Donbass Insider
  • inosmi.ru
  • Donbass Insider
  • Ria Novosti
  • Ria Novosti
  • vz.ru
  • rossaprimavera.ru
21.09.2020 France and Germany became participants to the conflict in Donbas
  • ukraina.ru
Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France
21.09.2020 Hiding the truth about MH-17 crash is beneficial to the Netherlands
  • Tsargrad TV
Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
18.09.2020 Labs could not prove that Novichok was involved because they don’t have any sample
  • Donbass Insider
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (English)
  • Donbass Insider
  • AgoraVox.fr
Russia, Germany, Sweden, France
11.09.2020 Merkel’s ultimatum buries negotiations on Donbas
  • politnavigator.net
Russia, Ukraine, Germany
11.09.2020 If the Kremlin interferes in Belarus, Ukraine attacks the Donbas
  • News Front - Hungarian
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
09.09.2020 Ukraine must continue war in Donbas, otherwise it won’t receive financial support from the West
  • nahnews.org
  • novoross.info
EU, Ukraine, US