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15.02.2021 Donbass is part of "Greater Russia" Moskva 24 Ukraine, Russia
14.02.2021 Ukraine has not fulfilled one single point in the Minsk agreement Tsargrad TV Ukraine, Russia
11.02.2021 Europe views the children of Donbas as terrorists News Front - Russian EU, Sweden, Ukraine
10.02.2021 The US and NATO aim to turn the post-Soviet space into underpopulated military zone Sputnik Belarus - Russian Yugoslavia, US, Ukraine, Russia
28.01.2021 Donbas has never truly belonged to Ukraine novorosinform.org, Tsargrad TV, dan-news.info Ukraine
27.01.2021 The goal of Ukraine-NATO military exercise is to kill Russians novoross.info US, Ukraine, Russia
21.01.2021 Kyiv is against the return of its soldiers from "LDNR" novorosinform.org Ukraine, Russia
20.01.2021 Ukraine mines settlements in Donbas russian-vesna.ru, News Front - Russian Ukraine, Russia
14.01.2021 The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine calls for friendship with Russia News Front - Russian Ukraine, Russia
05.01.2021 Ukraine to launch an offensive against Donbas News Front - Hungarian, Ukraine
29.12.2020 Most European countries do not share the Polish opinion about the “Russian aggression” in Donbas Sputnik Poland EU, Poland, Ukraine, Russia
29.12.2020 Zelenskyy and Erdogan are planning a war on Donbas rusvesna.su Turkey, Ukraine
25.12.2020 Russia is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict nor the subject of the Minsk agreements Sputnik Armenia - Russian Ukraine, Russia
21.12.2020 OSCE has repeatedly stated that there is no Russian army in LDNR News Front - Russian Ukraine, Russia
15.12.2020 Joe Biden was the chief curator of the 2014 coup d'état novoross.info, novorosinform.org US, Ukraine
13.12.2020 International Criminal Court demonises Russia in the Ukrainian conflict fondsk.ru, nk.org.ua Ukraine, Russia
11.12.2020 Conflict in Southeast Ukraine began between the federal government and Donetsk and Luhansk RT Arabic , elwatannews, rosaelyoussef.com, bawabaa.org, dowwar.com, alaan.org, kachaf.com, News Snap, nuomnews.com, almatareed.org, abrag.akwadon.com, Misr Alan, Sahafaty Ukraine, Russia
10.12.2020 EU sanctions exist because of the conflict in Donbas and Crimea joining Russia 24fm.ps, addiyar.com, almarsad.co, almstaqbal.com, alsahfia.info, RT Arabic , asabnews.com, awanmasr.com, bawabaa.org, corwna.com, dotalkhaleej.com, elmowatn.com, elsiyasa.com, Gulf 365, innfrad.com, kuwaitnews.com, kuwaitpress.net, lomazoma.com, masress.com, mobtada.com, nabd-masr.com, nabd.com, nabd.com, nabd.com, nafeza2world.com, qurtasnews.com, sabq-sa.com, satelnews.net, thedailybreakingnews.com, transparencynews.com, youm7.com EU, Ukraine, Russia
09.12.2020 The war in Ukraine started because the parliament did not want to vote for the law on languages Nash TV Channel - YouTube Ukraine, Russia
08.12.2020 Ukraine no longer hides preparations for war against Russia and Donbas Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @Rossiya 1, politnavigator.net Ukraine, Russia