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03.05.2020 Kyiv’s Western protectors are inflaming war in the Donbas
  • News Front - Hungarian
Russia, Ukraine
03.05.2020 “Western curators” are interested in freezing the conflict in the Donbas
  • novoross.info
30.04.2020 Euromaidan coup led to civil war in Donbas
  • Sputnik English
Russia, Ukraine
30.04.2020 Kyiv is imposing a siege on Donbas
  • Sputnik Arabic - (sptnkne.ws)
  • Masrawy
  • shorouknews.com
  • dostor.org
  • masralyoum.net
  • New Hub
  • Misr Alan
  • kachaf.com
UK, Russia
30.04.2020 Russia has no role in Ukraine’s war and soon the EU will be forced to ask for better relations
  • News Front - Spanish
EU, Russia, Ukraine, US
25.04.2020 German military colonel and CIA responsible for the American proxy war in Ukraine
  • RT Germany - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany
23.04.2020 Under Zelenskyy, Ukraine does not advance in the implementation of the Minsk agreements
  • RT Russia
Russia, Ukraine
15.04.2020 NATO instructors prepare Ukraine’s military to become war criminals
  • News Front - Russian
  • News Front - English
  • SouthFront - English
  • Donbass Insider
Norway, Ukraine, Sweden
12.04.2020 Kyiv will soon try to take back the Donbass
  • News Front - Hungarian
09.04.2020 The West plans to attack China financially for the coronavirus outbreak just as it did to Russia
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
  • Ria Novosti
China, UK, Russia, Ukraine, US