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19.11.2015 Due to escalation of the conflict in Donbas, Ukrainian men…
  • Golospravdy.com
  • politrussia.com
  • cont.ws
21.05.2020 The whole world knows there are no Russian troops in Donbas
  • golospravdy.eu
Russia, Ukraine
20.05.2020 Kyiv’s foreign partners inflame war in Donbas to keep sanctions against Russia
  • golospravdy.eu
EU, Russia, Ukraine, US
19.10.2020 The Germans supported Russia’s withdrawal from consultations about MH17
  • GosNovosti
Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands
06.01.2017 The Russian invasion of Donbas is fabricated by the Western…
  • Graham Phillips - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
22.10.2019 Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine are three Russian political nations
  • Imhoclub
  • Sozh
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
11.06.2018 DPR: Ukrainian junta prepares a provocation against an EU-delegation
  • Information Agency of the Russian Public Movement “Revival. Golden age"
05.06.2019 Kyiv will take property from residents of Donbas
  • Izvestia
  • ukraina.ru
  • RT Russia
21.01.2016 Kyiv organised a criminal elimination of the civilian population in…
  • kp.ru
15.11.2020 Zelenskyy to create “death camps” in Donbas
  • lenta.ru