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11.11.2015 Ukrainian soldiers, disappointed in their own army and country, joined...
  • rusvesna.su
11.11.2015 This Week's Trend: Ukrainian army bombarded western Donetsk
  • News Front - Russian
12.11.2015 This Week's Trend: Part of the country wanted to "stay...
  • politikus.ru
Russia, Ukraine
13.11.2015 This Week's Trend: Putin sUSpects the USA of wanting to...
  • tvzvezda.ru
Russia, US
14.11.2015 This Week's Trend: The civil war was unleashed by Kyiv...
  • newcoldwar.org
15.11.2015 A dozer was driving over soldiers' graves in Ukraine's zone...
  • rusvesna.su
19.11.2015 Due to escalation of the conflict in Donbas, Ukrainian men...
  • Golospravdy.com
  • politrussia.com
  • bit.ly
07.12.2015 RUSsia is not a threat, it is depicted as such...
  • eurasia24.cz
  • novarepublika.cz
  • New World Order Opposition
Russia, Ukraine, US
24.12.2015 This Week's Trend: The city of Kherson will follow Donbass
  • VK.com Resource
  • varjag-2007.livejournal.com
Turkey, Ukraine
29.12.2015 OSCE observers were under shelling by Ukrainian gunmen at Kominternovo...
  • politrussia.com