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16.07.2020 Poles don’t like being a colony of America
  • vz.ru
EU, Russia, Poland
29.01.2016 The EUropean Union is a threat for Russia, imposes Russophobic policies
  • Vremya Pokazhet
07.10.2020 Facebook has hired Ukrainian Right Sector supporters as chief censors for its Russian language segment
  • Vesti FM - YouTube
EU, Russia, Ukraine
07.10.2019 During Petro Poroshenko’s presidency, anti-Russian hysteria was going wild in EUrope
  • Vesti FM - YouTube
20.11.2018 Belarusians will be taught to fear Russia
  • utro.ru
Russia, Belarus
27.06.2019 Ukraine is an anti-Russian state under Western control
  • Ukrainskoe Dosie @ Ukraina.ru - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine, US
10.04.2020 EU demonises Russia, attributing all its problems to it
  • ukraina.ru
EU, Russia
14.05.2019 Eastern Partnership is an aggressive Russophobic project directed against Russia
  • Ukraina.ru
31.01.2020 PACE is rude to Russia
  • Ukraina.ru
  • Rubaltic.ru
  • RT Russian
01.02.2020 EUrope has always been trying to weaken Russia
  • Pravo Znat' @ TVC time 42:18-42:55
  • Politnavigator