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20.02.2021 The West became involved in the pre-election events in Belarus and Moldova mejdurecie.md Moldova, Belarus
18.02.2021 Since the coup, Ukraine has turned into a Western project akhbaralyawm.com, almehwartoday.com, Sputnik Arabic, elbayan-news.com, essahra.net, misrday.com, mn2ol.com, newsformy.com, pucnews.com, suhufnet.net Ukraine, Russia
17.02.2021 The conflict in Ukraine is internal and has no relation to Russia 6060news.com, alshbaka.net, alwattan.net, amad, RT Arabic , elbayan-news.com, eshraag.com, kachaf.com, lomazoma.com, msader-ye.net, msdernet.xyz, newsformy.com, ruarab.top, sahafah24, yemenvibe.com Ukraine, Russia
15.02.2021 The 2020 US presidential election has been stolen Geopolitica.ru - Italian, paulcraigroberts.com US
09.02.2021 US billionaires can isolate the US president from the world abrag.akwadon.com, alsharqtimes.com, alshbaka.net, RT Arabic , elbayan-news.com, essahra.net, kol-masr.com, nabd.com, nafeza2world.com, Syria friends US
08.02.2021 Russia doesn’t move outside the framework of international laws akhbarak.net, alshbaka.net, RT Arabic , elbayan-news.com, eshraag.com, essahra.net, kachaf.com, kol-masr.com, lampress.net, msdernet.xyz, nabd.com, nafeza2world.com, newsformy.com, raialyoum.com, Sahafaty UK, US, Ukraine, Russia
05.02.2021 Western criticism of the Navalny case is interference; Russia doesn’t mess with other countries’ affairs RT Spanish EU, Spain, The Netherlands, Russia
02.02.2021 Ukraine is West's bridgehead to export a colour revolution to Belarus Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Imhoclub EU, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia
02.02.2021 The Crimean referendum was legal News Front - Hungarian Ukraine, Russia
28.01.2021 The US is heading towards a civil war Geopolitica.ru - Italian, Geopolitica.ru - English US
27.01.2021 Next wave of liberal protests might “accidentally coincide” with terror attacks SouthFront - English Russia
27.01.2021 US citizens, like the citizens of North Korea, have no influence on the country's decision making RT Arabic , Khabar Masr, New Hub, dowwar.com North Korea, US
25.01.2021 A left-liberal coup took place in the US Sputnik South-Ossetia US
23.01.2021 Joe Biden is a puppet of powers behind him Sputnik Lithuania US
21.01.2021 Biden came to power after a colour revolution antifashist.com, antimaydan.info US, Ukraine, Russia
20.01.2021 There is massive evidence of electoral fraud in the 2020 US presidential Elections Geopolitica.ru - Italian, paulcraigroberts.com US
20.01.2021 There is no proof that Russia intervened in the US presidential Elections in 2016 Sputnik Armenia - Russian US, Russia
19.01.2021 US Democrats will kill witnesses to cover up election fraud and other crimes Sputnik Belarus - Russian US, Belarus, Russia
19.01.2021 The fact that the assault on Capitol was organised by the Democratic Party is proven Sputnik Armenia - Russian US
18.01.2021 Crimea regained its status within Russia in 2014 at the will of its residents Sputnik Arabic, nuomnews.com, newsformy.com, New Hub Ukraine, Russia