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22.01.2020 “NATO-West” can only make war
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Russia, US, Germany
19.01.2020 Ukraine and Georgia are Western tools against Russia
  • Russkaya Vesna
Russia, Ukraine, US, Georgia
14.01.2020 The warm winter is a result of a climate weapon attack from the USA
  • RIA Novosti
  • Regnum.ru
  • Vesti.ru
  • Svobodnaya Pressa
13.01.2020 Poland and the Baltic States are preparing for a future war with Russia
  • 60 Minut @ Rossiya 1 [38:06 - 39:07]
Baltic states, Poland
12.01.2020 The US wants to force Beijing and Moscow into total geopolitical capitulation
  • Sputnik Italia
China, Russia, US
10.01.2020 Russian threat” is only a pretext to station NATO military contingents near Russian borders
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Russia, Baltic states, US, Poland
24.12.2019 Aim of the Eastern Partnership is to separate Russia’s neighbours from it
  • RT Deutsch
  • Sputnik Deutsch
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
16.12.2019 NATO and EU are actively fabricating Russophobia in the Baltic States to justify their anti-Russian policies
  • RT Germany (old)
Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania
06.12.2019 NATO is Encircling Russia’s borders and creating an enemy image of Russia
  • RT Germany - YouTube
05.12.2019 Eastern European countries in NATO are under Washington’s political and military control
  • Sputnik Italia