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03.12.2020 US trains in Romania to attack Russia
  • News Front - Hungarian
  • Polit.info
Romania, Russia, US
23.05.2020 US trained in the skies over Norway and Sweden, to attack Russia
  • News Front - German
Norway, Russia, US, Sweden
16.06.2019 US is using Poland, Ukraine and other countries as a sanitary cordon against Russia
  • Tolstoy @ Pervyi Kanal (48:57 - 49:05; 51:00 - 51:10)
Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, US, Poland
26.11.2020 US destroyer violated Russian territorial waters
  • vz.ru
Russia, US
04.03.2020 US Department of Defense has a secret biological laboratory in Georgia
  • Sputnik web Arabic
  • majestynews
  • fatehgaza
  • gulfstory
  • albidda
  • saadaonline
  • bbcnews1
  • innlebanon
Russia, US, Georgia
30.08.2019 US brought Poroshenko to power via armed coup
  • RT English
Russia, Ukraine, US
25.04.2020 US biolabs encircle Russia
  • News Front - Bulgarian
Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, US, Georgia
19.06.2019 US and NATO plan “Drive to the East” against Russia
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Russia, Belarus, US
30.01.2020 US and NATO actions are escalating tensions in Caucasus
  • Sputnik Armenia
Russia, US, Georgia
23.10.2019 US adopted Hitler’s hatred towards Russia, war-preparation since 1945
  • Tsargrad TV
UK, Russia, US, Germany