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21.02.2020 Protests in Novi Sanzhary are a symbol of the Maidan in Ukraine
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
21.02.2020 Ukrainian authorities serve foreign masters who want to divide Russia and Ukraine
  • Pervyi Kanal - YouTube,
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
21.02.2020 Brainwashed Ukraine is a threat to Europe; Maidan and coronavirus have united in one in people's brain
  • Petr Tolstoy's "Vremya Pokazhet" - YouTube
Ukraine, Russia
21.02.2020 Euromaidan was a coup by special services of foreign states
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
Canada, UK, Poland, US, Ukraine
20.02.2020 LNR and DNR declared their independence after the coup d'etat in Kyiv
  • Sputnik Italia
16.02.2020 The US has recognised Euromaidan as a coup controlled by US officials
  • ntv.ru
US, Ukraine
08.02.2020 "Berkut" soldiers did not commit any crimes during coup d'etat in Ukraine
  • Sputnik Germany
05.02.2020 "Maidan" was conceived by Washington for the sole purpose of deploying its military facilities in Crimea
  • life.ru
US, Ukraine, Russia
29.01.2020 The West along with Nazi fighters are controlling the situation in Ukraine
  • RT Arabic ,
  • lb.shafaqna.com,
  • iq.shafaqna.com
Ukraine, Russia
27.01.2020 US and its allies enforce suppression of truth
  • Strategic Culture Foundation
US, Ukraine