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20.08.2019 The West interfered in Ukraine in 2014 that led to Nazi coup d’état
  • RT Germany (old)
Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany
09.08.2019 US made a mistake by organising a Maidan coup in Kyiv
  • topwar.ru
Russia, Ukraine, US
08.08.2019 The US triggered a coup in Ukraine
  • aeronet.cz
Ukraine, US
07.08.2019 Europe will overthrow Erdogan like they overthrew Yanukovych
  • RT Arabic
Turkey, Russia, Ukraine
02.08.2019 US attempted regime change in Ukraine
  • RT Arabic
Ukraine, US
02.08.2019 US trying to change regime in Belarus
  • RT Arabic
Russia, Belarus, US
30.07.2019 Schengen visa refusals violate Crimeans’ human rights
  • Sputnik English
Russia, Ukraine
17.07.2019 Euromaidan protests were orchestrated by the U.S. and other Western countries
  • fondsk.ru
UK, Ukraine, US
05.07.2019 George Soros destabilises states in order to provoke civil wars like Euromaidan in Ukraine
  • Sputnik Italia
04.07.2019 The US backed the coup in Ukraine in 2014
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Ukraine, US