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26.11.2020 russia puts more efFort into establishing the truth about the Katyn massacre than Poland
  • Sputnik Poland
Russia, Poland
24.11.2020 Report on the situation of Covid-19 in russia aims to discredit the Sputnik V vaccine
  • Sputnik Spain
Russia, US
09.11.2020 Military experts of The National Interest predicted a US and NATO defeat in a war against russia
  • News Front - Spanish
Russia, US
30.10.2020 NATO tanks aimed at Belarus and the Union State
  • News Front - Russian
Russia, Belarus
28.10.2020 If Moldova tries to stay close to russia, there will be a colour revolution as in Belarus
  • News Front - Spanish
Moldova, Belarus
27.10.2020 US and several EU capitals are trying to punish russia for its independent foreign policy
  • Sputnik Germany
EU, Russia, US
14.10.2020 Poland and Ukraine have a “slave syndrome” towards russia, trying to harm their former Master
  • Sputnik Poland
Russia, Ukraine, Poland
01.10.2020 Ukraine will turn into a radioactive zone
  • News Front - Russian
Ukraine, US
28.09.2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict favours US interests, someone wants to divert russia from Belarus and Syria
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
  • Sputnik Lithuania - Russian
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, US, Syria
28.09.2020 russia never interferes in other countries' affairs
  • RT Arabic
  • elnashra.com
  • kachaf.com
  • Khabar Masr
  • ertikaznews.com
  • dailybeirut.com
  • newsformy.com
  • iq.shafaqna.com
UK, Russia, Ukraine, US, Georgia