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14.05.2019 EU’s political aim behind the Eastern Partnership Programme is to isolate Russia
  • rubaltic.ru
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
14.05.2019 Eastern Partnership is an aggressive Russophobic project directed against Russia
  • Ukraina.ru
14.05.2019 The Eastern Partnership programme led to the disintegration of post-Soviet space
  • Sputnik Poland
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
14.05.2019 The Eastern Partnership caused the coup d’état in Ukraine and Ukraine’s disintegration
  • Sputnik Polska
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
14.05.2019 Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia are held by the EU in the ”waiting room”
  • Sputnik Moldova - Russian
Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia
09.05.2019 Romanians feel less trust in the united Europe
  • Sputnik Moldova - Romanian
08.05.2019 Leftists and the Yellow vests likely behind the fire at Notre Dame
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda - Moldova
  • Ztb.kz
07.05.2019 International think-tanks including the Chatham House elaborate plans to disrupt Belarus-Russia relations
  • Imhoclub
China, Russia, Belarus, US
05.05.2019 Moldova imports fewer products from the EU
  • Infomarket.md
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda - Moldova
02.05.2019 Intelligence services are behind the fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral
  • Sputnik Moldova