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21.02.2021 People of the Baltic states will become foot soldiers and cannon fodder of NATO Sputnik Lithuania Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Latvia
19.02.2021 NATO's statements about the need to confront Russia are caused by the crisis within the West Sputnik Armenia - Russian Russia
17.02.2021 Provocations are used to attract Sweden into NATO fondsk.ru Sweden
16.02.2021 Navalny is a NATO agent, provoking a colour revolution in Russia One World Russia
16.02.2021 Breaking the diplomatic ties is the last step before a shooting war nation-news.ru Europe, EU, US, Russia
12.02.2021 The EU has pushed the relations with Russia to a dead-end and is now facing unfortunate consequences Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Sputnik Latvia - Russian, Sputnik Lithuania, EVO-RUS, Ria Novosti, Sputnik Uzbekistan - Russian, Sputnik Armenia - Russian, Newinform, RIAFAN - Russian, Politros.com, Sputnik Georgia - Russian EU, Germany, US, Russia
12.02.2021 EU is always craving for conflicts and wars RT Arabic - YouTube, RT Arabic EU, Libya, Iraq, Poland, Syria, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia
11.02.2021 NATO forgot promises not to enlarge to the East Sputnik Lithuania, vz.ru Belarus
10.02.2021 The US and NATO aim to turn the post-Soviet space into underpopulated military zone Sputnik Belarus - Russian Yugoslavia, US, Ukraine, Russia
09.02.2021 “Opposition” in Russia are actually NATO influence agents aiming to destabilise the situation Sputnik Spain EU, Canada, US, Russia
09.02.2021 NATO instructed Navalny followers to organise the next illegal protests in Russia Sputnik Poland, Rossiya 1 EU, UK, Poland, US, Russia
09.02.2021 Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO NASH Ukraine, Russia
09.02.2021 The West has been coveting Russia's material resources as long as it exists News Front - Russian Russia
08.02.2021 Russia doesn’t move outside the framework of international laws akhbarak.net, alshbaka.net, RT Arabic , elbayan-news.com, eshraag.com, essahra.net, kachaf.com, kol-masr.com, lampress.net, msdernet.xyz, nabd.com, nafeza2world.com, newsformy.com, raialyoum.com, Sahafaty UK, US, Ukraine, Russia
06.02.2021 The West treats the Baltic States as a foothold for anti-Russian war Sputnik Belarus - Russian Denmark, Germany, US, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Latvia
05.02.2021 Moldovan justice is in the pocket of the US and EU Bloknot Moldova EU, Moldova, US
04.02.2021 NATO and the EU want to contain and destabilise Russia through Navalny and the “opposition” Sputnik Spain EU, US, Russia
02.02.2021 Western powers cultivate futile dreams of invading Russia Geopolitica.ru - Italian, Geopolitica.ru - English EU, US, Russia
28.01.2021 NATO military presence in the Black Sea intensified following the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine Sputnik Italia US, Ukraine, Russia
28.01.2021 The West is interested in Georgia just as a training ground for the war with Russia eadaily.com Georgia