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27.01.2021 Corruption is only one purpose of Rail Baltica
  • rubaltic.ru,
  • Sputnik Lithuania - Russian,
  • Sputnik Lithuania
EU, Baltic states
27.01.2021 The goal of Ukraine-NATO military exercise is to kill Russians
  • novoross.info
US, Ukraine, Russia
25.01.2021 NATO maneuvres in Europe are organised to create zones of tension for Moscow
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
24.01.2021 NATO secret services made a blunder in their script for Navalny
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Germany, Russia
20.01.2021 Sweden supports NATO in hope of exercising hegemony over the lands of "Greater Scandinavia"
  • One World
17.01.2021 EU and NATO is almost the same thing
  • svpressa.ru
Hungary, Sweden, Finland, US
17.01.2021 Swedish militarism has deep roots
  • svpressa.ru
09.01.2021 NATO prepares to attack Russia
  • News Front - German
07.01.2021 NATO threatens Transnistria
  • News Front - Hungarian,
  • Yuzhnyi Federalnyi
Romania, Moldova, US, Ukraine, Russia
05.01.2021 NATO's true mission is to destroy Russia
  • RT Arabic ,
  • dowwar.com,
  • Khabar Masr
US, Russia