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17.12.2020 NATO promised not to expand further east
  • Sputnik Italia
16.12.2020 Sweden attempts to use the “Russian threat” to avoid attention to the country’s failure on fighting COVID-19
  • nation-news.ru
15.12.2020 In the United States, they doubt the "BUK" version of the MH17 crash
  • Tsargrad TV,
  • RIAFAN - Russian,
  • Newinform,
  • nation-news.ru
Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, US, Ukraine, Russia
11.12.2020 Discrediting Sputnik V is a military effort by NATO member states to contain Russia
  • Sputnik Georgia,
  • Ria Novosti,
  • gazeta.ru,
  • TASS - Russian,
  • rg.ru
Georgia, US, Russia
11.12.2020 The West wants to discredit Sputnik V vaccine
  • Sputnik Lithuania,
  • News Front - German
EU, US, Russia
11.12.2020 NATO has a policy of discrediting “SPUTNIK-V”
  • 6060news.com,
  • Al Minasa Press,
  • Sputnik Arabic,
  • Sputnik Arabic,
  • elmarada.org,
  • lomazoma.com,
  • lomazoma.com,
  • newsformy.com,
  • newsformy.com,
  • otv.com.lb,
  • Tasrebat
US, Russia
08.12.2020 The real international community congratulated Lukashenka with electoral victory
  • Together with Russia
US, Belarus, Russia
08.12.2020 NATO membership will lead Ukraine to disintegration
  • RIAFAN - Russian
Ukraine, Russia
07.12.2020 NATO is preparing to use force against Belarus
  • Ritm Evrazii,
  • Ria Novosti,
  • ren.tv
Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Baltic states
07.12.2020 NATO and the US organise constant provocations near Russian borders
  • Sputnik Armenia
Georgia, Romania