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03.12.2020 Germany, France and Ukraine admitted that they need a war in Donbas
  • ukraina.ru,
  • nk.org.ua
France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia
02.12.2020 EU sanctions on “Russian disinformation” aim to strangle democratic debate
  • News Front - Spanish
China, EU, Russia
02.12.2020 NATO and Poland establish a unit, which is supposed to take over the territory of Western Belarus
  • Sputnik Poland
Poland, Belarus
02.12.2020 A military group is being formed in NATO to occupy western Belarusian lands
  • News.am
02.12.2020 Transcarpathia can join EU without Ukraine
  • News Front - Hungarian
Hungary, Ukraine
02.12.2020 The speech of the "DPR" and "LPR" at UN meeting is recognition at the international level
  • antimaydan.info
02.12.2020 The EU must stop suffocating Donbas residents
  • News Front - Hungarian,
  • TASS - Russian,
  • Russkie.org,
  • RIAFAN - Russian,
  • nation-news.ru
EU, Ukraine, Russia
01.12.2020 NATO uses Ukraine as a bridgehead for intelligence against Russia
  • nation-news.ru,
  • Tsargrad TV
Ukraine, Russia
01.12.2020 A colour revolution is the best way for a country to lose part of its territory
  • observateurcontinental.fr,
  • Twitter Resource,
  • Topwar.ru - French,
  • topwar.ru,
  • en.topwar.ru,
  • topwar.ru,
  • topwar.ru,
  • topwar.ru
Georgia, Kirgizstan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia
29.11.2020 Sandu wants to arrange a second Karabakh in Transnistria
  • Bloknot Moldova
Moldova, Russia